Do You Know Your Rights In Online Sport Betting?

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Always consider the game as an entertainment activity. Never see it as an alternative to pay off your debts or generate income. Most betting sites maintain responsible gambling policies aimed at supporting the player who feels that his playing habits are getting out of control. These policies include mechanisms that allow the player, among other things, to set limits on bets or amounts to be deposited to his account, as well as to exclude himself from the website through the disabling of his account. There are also national and international associations that help players who need it.

Do you know your rights?

As a customer of any bookmaker (either physical or virtual), you have rights that assist you when using their services.

Here are some of them:

Right to collect and receive your earnings

Naturally, betting sites will always try to bet your winnings again. However, it is your decision if you decide to bet again the money you have won, or if you wish to withdraw it through any of the payment methods offered by the site. Even if some sites impose more or less paperwork to pay your winnings, your right will always be to receive them.

Right to know the rules of games with bets

By law, physical and virtual casinos are obliged to keep the rules for sports betting as well as for games with bets and raffles on offer.

Right to respect the promotions offered

As a user of a service, you have the right to demand from the provider that you respect the offers and promotions that you have advertised. However, unlike most businesses, complaints related to non-compliance with promotions on games and raffles must be submitted to the General Directorate of Games.

Right to fair earnings

While it is true, the International regulation on gaming and lotteries does not require casinos to implement a system of fair profit. Most online gambling service providers implement on their sites mechanisms web technical- operational (algorithms) that guarantee fair profits. These mechanisms are even audited by independent international organizations that certify that betting systems work correctly, and that guarantee the safety of the betting user.

Right to the protection of your personal data

As part of the registration processes, and in compliance with the applicable standard, the sites that operate within the framework of the law must collect your identity data (they will even ask you to provide your official identification and, depending on the site itself, up to proof of address). The above, first, to make sure that you are of legal age, as well as to comply with various money laundering prevention mechanisms. In this sense, it is the obligation of the betting site to keep your personal data in strict confidentiality. Likewise, the virtual casino is obliged to inform you what treatment it gives to your data, also rectify them or delete them from their bases if you request it (with the exception of the records that by law must be maintained in the matter of money laundering).